About Me

(But, it's actually all about you!)

Garret Camilleri is a SAG/AFTRA actor, professor in Theatre Arts, director, writer, and an esteemed acting coach renowned for his expertise and dedication to nurturing aspiring performers. With a wealth of experience in the Film/Television industry since 2008, he has worked in most aspects of Hollywood: casting, production, directing, and, most notably, acting. Having starred in national campaigns for esteemed brands such as Credit Karma, Truth, and McDonald's. His notable leading roles include "College Humor Originals" (2006), "Angela Wright" (2011), "Blink-182: After Midnight" (2012), and "This Land" (2022)

Garret holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Performance Pedagogy. This specialized training equips him with a deep understanding of teaching acting and empowers him to provide invaluable guidance and mentorship to aspiring actors. Garret is a respected acting professor at renowned institutions such as American Musical And Dramatic Academy, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles City College, Santa Monica College, and Loyola Marymount University.

Beyond his career as an actor, professor, and coach, Garret Camilleri has made contributions and achievements in various academic domains. He received an Honorable Mention for the Graduate Library Research Award at the William H Hannon Library and showcased his entrepreneurial abilities at the "Business Venture Incubator Showcase" hosted by Loyola Marymount University School of Business in 2021. Furthermore, Garret showcased his expertise in actor coaching through his presentations at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education conferences. In 2021, he discussed the latest advancements in this field, while in 2022, he chaired a panel focused on virtual reality in theatre. Additionally, he participated as an esteemed Arts Administration and Industry Panelist in 2023. He has also presented on the crucial topic of "Language: An Antiracist Reevaluation in the Classroom" at the Faces of Justice: Listening, Discovering, Transforming Symposium in the same year.

These accomplishments highlight Garret Camilleri's commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and engagement in the field of acting, theater, and academia. His active involvement in diverse events and conferences further solidifies his reputation as a dynamic and influential figure in the industry.